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Our Product
Roller Shutters
The extremely energy-saving roller shutter for in-wall installation in new buildings. Punext offers all the advantages of a traditional front-mounted roller shutter. Its fully-enclosed roller shutter box lies concealed beneath the rendering. It also has comprehensive Neopor insulation. Thermal bridges are prevented, increasing the house’s energy-efficiency.
Product Details
  • closed aluminium box, roll-formed or extruded
  • energy-saving insulating system, in-wall installation
  • Neopor high-performance insulation
  • 90° and 20° chamfer
  • box dimensions (mm): 125, 137, 150, 165, 180, 205
  • Operation: radio-controlled motor, comfort motor drive, crank mechanism or standard belt mechanism
  • Optional-features:
    2-in-1 insect screen,
    Punext-PLUS variant: increased energy efficiency with insulation on the back of the box and insulated guide rails