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All glass Sliding Door
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LIGHTNESS AND SMOOTHNESS THANKS TO STAINLESS STEEL RUNNING TECHNOLOGY Easy sliding of the sliding sash is ensured by concealed, ball-bearing stainless steel rollers in combination with stainless steel running surfaces. The sliding leaves slide quietly over the running surfaces and guarantee a long service life.
COMFORT LOCKING WITH RETRACTION CENTERING The ERHARDT comfort lock enables simple operation and maximum convenience. The lock slides cleanly through the new retraction centering in the side frame and is locked there with the locking lever. The locking status is permanently displayed optically. The swiveling handle enables maximum ease of use when opening and closing.
HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT OF THE WINGS All sliding sashes can be adjusted in height by 4 mm when installed. Fine adjustment of the sash is therefore possible at any time.
WELL THOUGHT-OUT VARIANTS OF THE RUNNING TRACK The drained track is available in 2- to 5-track versions and can either be attached or embedded. Floor coverings can be worked from inside and outside up to the floor rail without affecting the function of the sliding sash. Thus, the transition to the outside can be carried out almost at ground level, if desired.
CONSTRUCTION TOLERANCES AND HEIGHT COMPENSATION The upper guide rail can accommodate a height tolerance of up to 18 mm by lowering the upper structure. The functionality of the sliding system is thus ensured even if the purlin of a patio roof bends. A seal inserted in the frame profile enables the highest level of tightness between the purlin / traverse and the GST.
DIFFERENT HANDLE VARIANTS When selecting handles, you can fall back on an extensive range and customize the usability.
LEAK TIGHTNESS AND VENTILATION With a wing cover of 36 mm, the system is resistant to driving rain and also ensures permanent ventilation with the greatest possible transparency.
MAXIMUM COMFORT, MAXIMUM OPENING WIDTH When the all-glass sliding door is opened and closed, the next leaf is automatically pulled along by integrated drivers. When open, the wings are almost completely covered, thus guaranteeing the greatest possible opening.