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The ERHARDT TM is a small conservatory awning that is suitable for both on-roof and under-roof installation. The two lateral guide rails are mounted on the roof using spacers. Several units can be mounted next to each other – even with different projection lengths (series mounting). With its compact cassette design, discreet brackets and direct mounting on the rafters, the ERHARDT TM is extremely unobtrusive and creates a harmonious overall look.
cassette awning ERHARDT TM
Product Details
DESIGN The new TM terrace roof awning has been manufactured in a brand new, modern design. Clear, gentle contours produce a harmonious and visually pleasing overall look. The awning fits perfectly into the terrace roof, either as a covered underglass awning or as the ideal protection from the sun as an on-roof awning.
ZIP As standard, the new guide rail is always designed with the lateral zip function on the fabric, meaning that there is no longer a light gap between the fabric and lateral guide rail.
SIZE The use of state-of-the-art technology allows sizes of 600 x 450 cm for under-roof mounting and 500 x 450 cm for on-roof mounting. Even larger units can be created by combining several awnings.
MOUNTING BRACKET ERHARDT Markisenbau places great value on high-quality, easy assembly. Mounting brackets help meet these demands when installing the awning under an ERHARDT terrace roof and allow the awning to be assembled extremely quickly.
FLUSH DROP PROFILE To complement the lateral zip function, the front drop profile closes flush, giving the awning a harmonious overall look and practically eliminating the light gap between it and the terrace roof purlin.
VERY EASILY ACCESSIBLE REVISION COVER IN THE DROP PROFILE Adjustments on the drop profile can be made easily from the front and from below. It is no longer necessary to extend the awning, as the access cover can be opened and closed again from the front with a minimum of fuss.
ALMOST INVISIBLE SCREWS IN THE END COVER AREA The side covers are fi xed by use of concealed fasteners. The Hexagonal socket screws are hidden by “ERHARDT Markise” sticker, so no visible screw heads disturb the elegant design.